Il marketing del segreto


Date lun 21 marzo 2011

Marchisegreti , gallerie d'artesegrete .C'è un mondo legato all'immagine che si sforza di rimanere privato e nondiventare mainstream. E' il rifiuto della cultura di massa o un'astutastrategia di marketing che fa leva sull'effetto scarsità?

E' possibile evitare di svendersi al mercato?

Per esempio, William Gibson dice:

I think selling out is what a lot of people are shooting forcareer-wise. "Can I sell out now please?" "Are the multinationals inthe hall waiting to buy my skateboard line please?"

I think it's a matter of degree. A lot of what makes the debate seemdated – the 1990s one – is that it was cast in terms of the absolute –one either did or didn't sell out. From what I've seen of the lives ofvery creative people, the ones who seem to wind up happiest are theones who managed to sell out well and selectively. People who call theshots on their own commodification. When you think of the opposite,there's so many disasters – all over the internet. People who thoughtthey could sell out and they wound up imploding into celebrity space.

Andrea Nicosia

Andrea Nicosia

Uso e insegno a usare storie, strumenti narrativi e design fiction per campagne di marketing e influenza, progettazione di prodotti e servizi.